Friday, February 27, 2009

Lady in Waiting

I'm adopting a challenge from Sunday School Rebel, Sam, because, like her, I don't seem to have a burning topic to write about today - probably because I don't have the strength to burn, except with fever. I'm sick at home with the general malaise going around, which means I cannot see Baby Boy this weekend. I wouldn't expose him to a bug for anything, but I can pout, can't I???

The challenge goes like this: go to your downloaded photos, go to the 6th folder, choose the 6th
photograph and write about it. So, here it is (6th and 7th photos actually. I'm not good at the picture thing; I need a lesson!). Bethany was still playful at her very most pregnant and she was luminous like most pregnant women. That is a statement she might dispute, because by the end, it was hot (June) and she said the luminescence was really light reflecting off sweat on her face. By then, just about all she could do was shuffle around in flipflops and try not to get stuck in the depths of a soft chair or sofa unless someone was around to hoist her out. Her little nest was all fluffed up and ready when these pictures were taken.

That was eight months ago, and what she has accomplished is phenomenal. She gave birth by C-section after two inductions that led to two 24-hour stretches of hard labor; struggled with figuring out how to make Eli agree to breast feed (which he finally did and has been a model of success since); went through the normal emotions and insecurities of young motherhood, often exacerbated by unsolicited advice from well-meaning peripheral acquaintances who felt completely at ease lecturing her about what she should and shouldn't do with her new infant; and has now settled like a queen into the role for which she was born! Run-on sentence notwithstanding, that pretty much sums up the past months.

The pregnancy seemed to last forever - we were so anxious - but she did it with flare - don't you agree? The waiting time had its benefits for me. It was a time to adjust, to shop a lot and to try to get my head around her new role and my new grandmere role - which I think I also was born to fulfill!


Anonymous said...

Oh mom...thanks!! I love your sweet are a constant encouragement and I'm so blessed by you!

Dutchbaby said...

I love this post. Is there anything more beautiful than a glowing mother-to-be? The waiting period during pregnancy truly is a blessing.